Searches Available in Maryland and Nationwide

We specialize in searching records in Maryland but,
through our extensive network of researchers we can
provide services nationwide.

Criminal Record Verification and Retrieval

Whether you are hiring a new employee, renting to a new tenant or just
seeking peace of mind, criminal record verification through
Background is the best investment you can make.
The average jury
verdict awarded in
negligent hiring
cases is:

$1.6 million.

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Trusting your instincts
isn't enough anymore.
Look like a
Employment and Tenant Screening

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates the loss to
business from fraud alone to be billions of dollars per year.  However,
employee fraud is just the tip of the iceberg.  Industry experts agree that
employee theft, employee violence and lawsuits cost American
businesses billions each year.

While there is no single answer, a simple criminal record search can
uncover a wealth of information and give your company the ability to
make an informed hiring decision.

Our detailed reports provide human resources professionals with in
depth information of criminal convictions, open warrants and civil
lawsuits.  The reports are prepared by professionals with nearly a
decade of experience performing criminal record searches in Maryland
and nationwide.

From the employee consent form to the notification of adverse action,
we will provide your business with all of the forms required to comply
with Federal guidelines.

Screening for Peace of Mind

Dating someone new?  Meet someone special online?  The
Department of Justice report on violent crime indicates that as many as
84% of women sexually assaulted knew their attacker.  Don't be a
statistic!  For a few dollars, you will know if Mr. Right is actually a
convicted criminal with a history of violent behavior.  

We can also check civil records, where divorce case information is
kept, to verify that a person is actually divorced.

Online dating is a great way to meet new people, but it also allows a
level of anonymity that can be abused by dishonest people who want to
hide information about themselves.  With as little as a name and a
date of birth we can provide a custom records search for you.
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requesting party.  Records obtained from any search must be used in complete compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.   Use of this site in no way creates an attorney client relationship, does
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